My Skoolie Conversion: Why I Chose A Bus: Bus Life As A Solo Female Traveler

My Skoolie Conversion: Why I Chose A Bus: Bus Life As A Solo Female Traveler

If you decide that Tiny Living might be a good choice for you, there are tons of options available–from fully outfitted RV’s, 5th Wheels, vans, travel trailers and more…I chose a short bus. In this video, I explain why. I would love to hear your tiny story–and if you dig the journey, then hit Subscribe. … Read more

Five Ways to Meet People as a Solo Female Traveler

This past summer, I hopped on an Amtrak train and went across the USA. I spent time in incredible cities; some I had been to before, others were brand new. While in Nashville, Tennessee, I found, fell in love with and bought a small school bus. At the end of the summer, I returned to Nashville, and with a few detours drove him back to San Francisco, via the historic Route 66. It was an amazing summer; one in which I went to discover America; and discovered myself along the way. I completed the entire journey as a solo female traveler; a feat which seems to surprise and delight people of all genders and ages. Here are a few ways I met people while I traveled.

Life Lesson from Driving Bubba the Bus; My Skoolie Conversion In Progress: Bus Life As A Solo Female Traveler

Driving a bus is a different kettle of fish, then driving any other sort of vehicle. It feels different. People react to you differently. The experience is different. It is simply different. I have been driving Bubba the Bus for the past three months in the City. Here are the top 5 things that Bubba has taught me.

Visiting the Tiny Living Festival in Richmond, California

The dream of tiny living is taking over the country. Be it financial or environmental concerns; yearning for freedom or being bit by the travel bug, tiny homes of all sorts are becoming en vogue. For reasons of my own, I decided to take up the adventure and convert a short school bus; a lifestyle that has spawned its own lingo, culture, and community; that of the #skoolie: #skoolielife #skooliebuild #skoolieconversion and #skoolieadventure.

My Skoolie Conversion of Bubba the Bus; The Gutting: Bus Life As A Solo Female Traveler

This summer, I was able to do what a lot of people dream of doing; driving the historic Route 66; that skinny ribbon of highway known as America’s Main Highway, that snakes its way across the great USA.

My Skoolie Conversion of Bubba the Bus: Bus Life As A Solo Female Traveler

My Skoolie Conversion of Bubba the Bus

This week has delivered a Bubba conversion task, that has been neither glamorous or easy, and provided no instant gratification. The challenge began a few weeks ago; when the time came to remove metal plates from the floor. When you decide to live in an 80′ square foot space, every inch takes on a new … Read more

My Skoolie Conversion of Bubba the Bus: The DMV Part 1:Bus Life As A Solo Female Traveler

Bubba the Bus gets weighed

Transferring a title for a skoolie conversion project, from any state to California, requires patience, tenacity and the occasional shot of bourbon. I was prepared for the myriad of hoops I would soon be jumping through to get Bubba the Bus California ready. I loaded a 600+ page book onto my Kindle, I took a bath with CBD oils, did yoga and deep breathing. I was ready for the California Division of Motor Vehicles.

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