Review: Rich O’Toole

Rich O’Toole showed great promise on his first studio albums. It was a classic case of a young, talented independent artist taking the first steps on a lifelong journey; figuring out where he’s going and how to get there and not having really been anywhere yet. Jaded, is where the country singer grows up. He’s mature, self-assured and fearless and it shows in his latest album. It is a confident, intelligent, brazen statement

Review: Br1ght Pr1mate

When Br1ght Pr1mate flashed across my computer screen, urging me to click on through to the other side, I found myself intrigued. Their ‘genre’ of music, is called Chiptune. I thought of Chippendales, those beefcakes that brightened up many a ‘girls nights out’ from my flirty thirty era. Then I thought of Alvin& The Chipmunks from my parenting years, and then back to

Review: Tam Lin

All is not lost. Summer is fast slipping away, and with it goes the ‘over the top’ ‘blockbuster’ music; that music inspired by ‘bigger is better’ and ‘technology reigns supreme’. That’s not to say I didn’t like the summer offerings, but, fall ushers in a new sound; one in which the excitement becomes human rather than show; much like a fine Pinot Noir, with its understated elegance, as opposed to a Shiraz which beats you over the head, to announce

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