Busker of the Day: Lindsay Dragan

On a humid summer evening in mid-July in New York City, singer, songwriter, musician and dreamer, Erin Lindsay Dragan, chats with me about the city from which she came, (a city legendary for its steel and its indomitable football team), the city she presently calls home and her current

Review: Rich O’Toole

Rich O’Toole showed great promise on his first studio albums. It was a classic case of a young, talented independent artist taking the first steps on a lifelong journey; figuring out where he’s going and how to get there and not having really been anywhere yet. Jaded, is where the country singer grows up. He’s mature, self-assured and fearless and it shows in his latest album. It is a confident, intelligent, brazen statement

Review: Br1ght Pr1mate

When Br1ght Pr1mate flashed across my computer screen, urging me to click on through to the other side, I found myself intrigued. Their ‘genre’ of music, is called Chiptune. I thought of Chippendales, those beefcakes that brightened up many a ‘girls nights out’ from my flirty thirty era. Then I thought of Alvin& The Chipmunks from my parenting years, and then back to

Review: Tam Lin

All is not lost. Summer is fast slipping away, and with it goes the ‘over the top’ ‘blockbuster’ music; that music inspired by ‘bigger is better’ and ‘technology reigns supreme’. That’s not to say I didn’t like the summer offerings, but, fall ushers in a new sound; one in which the excitement becomes human rather than show; much like a fine Pinot Noir, with its understated elegance, as opposed to a Shiraz which beats you over the head, to announce

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