How Much My Skoolie Conversion Costs So Far

How Much My Skoolie Conversion Costs

How Much Is my Skoolie Conversion Costing? In this video, I chat briefly about the costs of converting my short bus: Bubba the Bus. *NEW VIDEO EVERY WEEK* On this channel, I will document how I convert and live in a bus as a solo female traveler. GET SOCIAL WITH ME: Instagram: @writerjacks As always … Read more

Life Lessons from Driving My Skoolie: Bubba the Bus

Driving in Sonoma

I imagine if you lived near a Home Depot during your Skoolie conversion, it would make life simpler. I do not. I live in the City of San Francisco, where oversized buildings are practically non-existent and mini-buildings are at an obscene premium. The housing crisis continues unabated and residents flee the City in search of … Read more

Raging Hormones After Menopause & Cork Man

My Skoolie Conversion and Cork Underlay

I learned a few things today: I was still subjected to hormonal horrors, even though I have gone through menopause. (This was a surprise for me, as I thought they abandoned ship along with my menstrual cycle. They have not.)
2) For every hormone hostage, there will be an innocent bystander in the line of fire. Today, that bystander was Cork Man.
3) Being single and hormonally unsound can be a mixed blessing. If I ever had to see Cork Man again, I might be embarrassed—but today, there was no need to pay retail as my raging hormones, saved me $50.00.

Five Ways to Meet People as a Solo Female Traveler

This past summer, I hopped on an Amtrak train and went across the USA. I spent time in incredible cities; some I had been to before, others were brand new. While in Nashville, Tennessee, I found, fell in love with and bought a small school bus. At the end of the summer, I returned to Nashville, and with a few detours drove him back to San Francisco, via the historic Route 66. It was an amazing summer; one in which I went to discover America; and discovered myself along the way. I completed the entire journey as a solo female traveler; a feat which seems to surprise and delight people of all genders and ages. Here are a few ways I met people while I traveled.

Life Lesson from Driving Bubba the Bus; My Skoolie Conversion In Progress: Bus Life As A Solo Female Traveler

Driving a bus is a different kettle of fish, then driving any other sort of vehicle. It feels different. People react to you differently. The experience is different. It is simply different. I have been driving Bubba the Bus for the past three months in the City. Here are the top 5 things that Bubba has taught me.

Visiting the Tiny Living Festival in Richmond, California

The dream of tiny living is taking over the country. Be it financial or environmental concerns; yearning for freedom or being bit by the travel bug, tiny homes of all sorts are becoming en vogue. For reasons of my own, I decided to take up the adventure and convert a short school bus; a lifestyle that has spawned its own lingo, culture, and community; that of the #skoolie: #skoolielife #skooliebuild #skoolieconversion and #skoolieadventure.

My Skoolie Conversion of Bubba the Bus: Bus Life As A Solo Female Traveler

My Skoolie Conversion of Bubba the Bus

This week has delivered a Bubba conversion task, that has been neither glamorous or easy, and provided no instant gratification. The challenge began a few weeks ago; when the time came to remove metal plates from the floor. When you decide to live in an 80′ square foot space, every inch takes on a new … Read more

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