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Dear Diary: First Nights Sleeping in Bubba the Bus

Dear Diary…

The first night sleeping in Bubba the Bus… 

Once the nerves of sleeping in Bubba the Bus, wore off, I was able to take the next step of the journey–assessing what worked and what didn’t.

The first thing I noticed, was how cold it was; which I had expected. A bus wasn’t designed to be lived in, so, things like insulation and temperature control were never part of the original intent.

Next; I have chosen to keep all my windows, which some Skoolie-lifers do not do; hence lights from passing cars/street lamps/house-lights/ambulance/police–continually flickered throughout.  Windows also add to the temperature.

I pride myself on having, living and leaving a very small carbon footprint on this planet earth, we call home. When the original Inconvenient Truth film with Al Gore, came out in 2006, there was an accompanying website, filled with tons of great information, including a quiz to determine the ‘size of your carbon footprint.’

The fact that I didn’t own a car and used public transit exclusively, caused my footprint to be much smaller than my actual size 10 shoes. Now, I live on a bus, which requires driving, but, since everything else is ‘off-grid‘, my lifestyle remains sustainable.

I mention this, because the next thing I became acutely aware of, was my water consumption; for the sink, toilet, brushing my teeth, washing a cup, etc…You might be surprised at how much water we use when you are not on a limited supply.

And the final thing I noticed on these first few nights, is that I can downsize even more–which shocked me to no end.

Regarding warmth–which will quickly translate to the need to cool off, once I hit the South. The first night I covered myself in blankets, comforters and crocheted Afghans. I was warm but unable to move. I mentioned this to my friend, Keith Curtis, who appeared the next day with a 15lb. weighted blanket. #gamechanger. I was able to replace all my other bedding with ONE blanket; which is a benefit on so many levels. My world is made so much better by the friends I have—may you be as blessed.

The other thing that will make the bus warmer, is a rug–which I don’t have yet.

Regarding curtains: I have some blackout curtains that I made from insulated-blackout fabric; but, I need to–and will–make more. Sewing is the one thing I knew how to do at the onset of this conversion project. The blackout curtains I have are amazing. My friend Derek cut curtain rods out of a conduit and installed the rods and they are sturdy.

Regarding water: I have been on my bus for three nights–and have used about 1 gallon of water–and I am SO happy about this. One factor is my fabulous little toilet–which is only a step or two above a 5-gallon pail; but, I LOVE this Camco toilet. It is the best $70.00, I have spent on this project. I use it regularly. The treatment drop-ins are amazing, there is no smell and the water usage is minimal. I will be doing an entire post about this toilet–I love it that much!

Another factor is the sink. Ours uses a pump that is operated with a rechargeable 12Volt battery. We have two tanks; freshwater and blackwater. The switch, that Derek installed, allows me to control the water; which stops on a dime when you turn it off.

When you drive your house, which is what I am doing, every corner, turn and sudden stop for a cell-phone chatting, baby stroller-pushing person, becomes an opportunity to learn–and one thing I continue to learn is what I need and what I can donate. (Also, that blurred image around your phone, is called life—try it out.)

Today, I donated two lamps and replaced them with battery-operated ones. I don’t need four towels; I need one. I don’t need six wine glasses; I need two. These are the things I’m becoming aware of. My friend Charles told me, that since I am only going to have one of everything, don’t get the cheapest–get the best. I love this philosophy and he is right. It feels good to have one $70.00 blanket, as opposed to five $10.00 ones.

Like they say in the tiny home community; Live Large/Build Small.

Go forth

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