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Dear Diary: Mother Nature Needs A Hot Flash

I grew up in the high desert of southeastern Oregon, where the mercury spent months, below 0. From an early age, I learned about winter: Did you know, that if you fall into a snowdrift, you will not freeze to death, but suffocate? Or, that snow can fall 6 FEET per second? (That is not a typo!) As a kid, I spent a lot of time in the snow, on snowshoes, keeping my eyes from becoming sunburned and driving a Trackster; which is a mini-cat on tracks. Ours was lime green, ran on gas or battery, and riding/driving it was a great reward. Considering my background, one might think I would be prepared for the March desert of Nevada. I was not. Perhaps years of city living have made me soft. Perhaps I had blocked out those childhood memories, willing myself to never repeat such things.  During this past week, it all came back with resounding clarity.

When I arrived, the temperature was hovering in the mid-thirties; which is brisk. I could see my breath inside the bus and when I had to go pee in the middle of the night, found myself strategizing the warmest way to accomplish said task while simultaneously wondering if I could hold it until the sun came up and trying to remember at exactly what point I had thought that living in a bus was a good idea? The answer to that was, Nashville mid-July; not the Sierra Mountains mid-March.

Last night, the temperature was 11 degrees–(again, not a typo)–which I find to be beyond brisk.

Last week I bought a generator and named him Zeus. I definitely needed the generator, but, it was several hundred dollars, so I had to have a couple of glasses of wine before I made the purchase; drinking and shopping go hand in hand, for me. Now that Zeus is part of the tribe; not gonna lie; Cup O Noodles tastes pretty good in the frigid temperatures; as does French Pressed coffee, microwavable Lasagne, Mac & Cheese and a myriad of other delicacies.

The best Mr. I have in my life at the moment goes by the name of Heater; Mr. Heater–and I am in love with him. I couldn’t find toilet paper; but, I found propane and batteries….so, it worked out for me.

I received the gift of a battery-operated lantern before I left San Francisco, and it does a rocking job at lighting up my 80 square feet.

The idea of using Planet Fitness for showering purposes was great for the first week; but, once it had to close; my next idea was to shower at truck stops; which has worked out fine.  My experience with the showers there is that they run anywhere from $3.00-$7.00.The other cool thing about truck stops is that we can stay overnight in their parking lots; which I love, as Zeus running for a couple of hours is not a problem, among big rigs and their reefers. Truck stops feel safe, as they have been well-lit and trafficked. My feeling of safety is also enhanced, by the fact that my friend Derek, created locks on my doors and windows. (Derek has been my #1 Mr….until last night when Heater came to the game.) Most of the truck stops charge a minimal fee for overnight parking–($10.00-$12.00). So far, Bubba and I, haven’t been charged.

I often have epiphanies during yoga practice, and today was one example. With the current situation in the world, my jobs in Nashville, are on indefinite hold; hence, there is no hurry to be anywhere–at any time. It is an unprecedented level of freedom for me, and as such—I am going to take advantage of it. I have no hurry and no worry –and am excited to see what the Universe presents next.

It is not my job to know how; my job is to know the what–and then being open to discovering and receiving the how. Reasons come first, answers come second.

Until next time…

Be Safe…Be Sane and Spiritually Uplifted.




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