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Dear Diary: The Bus Warming Party

Dear Diary…

The Bus Warming Party…

When people ask me if I am an only child–which they often do; I joyfully and proudly respond with a hearty YES–(side note: my mother knew her limits, and I was it). This is followed by knowing smiles crossing their lips and comments like, “Uh-huh,” “I thought so,” or “that explains a lot.

I am not sure exactly what it explains, but, I accept the comments in the most positive way. What I hear, is that being an only child has given me great strength, freedom, courage, and independence; it has enabled me to explore the world on my own terms and live my life, as I wish to live my life.

I do possess an uncanny ability to meet new people and make friends wherever I go–and I go–a lot. I think that my gregarious nature can be attributed–in part–to that ‘only child‘ syndrome.  Maybe/Maybe not, but I have always been on a quest to add people to that ‘only-ness‘.

I mention this, because, I am leaving San Francisco–for a new adventure in Nashville, Tennessee. And, I am humbled by the love, generosity, wonderful people and amazing friendships I have made in the City by the Bay.

Bubba the Bus is no longer a bus, but, my tiny home and lots of people wanted to come to see the transformation, so, we had a ‘bus-warming‘, with champagne and sparkling wine. About 40 people showed up; not a gathering for the claustrophobic.

The ‘Bus-Voyage‘ actually began earlier that week; dinner with my girls. I love these smiling faces of my forever friends–fierce females, all of them.

My awesome friend, Derek, who brought the Bubba conversion across the finish line, provided the amazing space for our Bus Voyage. (Probably a good thing Derek and I only hung out for that final month—I might have gotten distracted! Just saying—me and boys…whew!)

My Russian friend, Christina, was the first to sign the wall of love…and I do love this girl; she is strong, intelligent and fabulous.

I hope to have people sign Bubba, as I drive across the country. Your space is waiting–(St. Louis, Oklahoma, Memphis…)

From young Math Majors to Army Lieutenants…

Drag Queens to Hippies…

Old friends to new friends…

As an only child, I have my own little world—-it’s a world I love to inhabit; a beautiful mosaic of people with different beliefs, yearnings, hopes, and dreams, who are much more like me, than not–and who became friends.

Go forth


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