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Dear Diary: Week #1 of Living in Bubba the Bus

Dear Diary…

My 1st Week of FT Skoolie Living…

I grew up in the country, where the skies were endless, the silence comforting and the air crisp. I loved sleeping outside, away from the confines of our tin roof overhead, gazing into the night sky. As I snuggled deep into my sleeping bag,  warding off frigid temperatures of the high desert terrain, my animal friends would gather around and I would dazzle them with stories of knights and damsels living out adventures in the stars above.

Being a country girl, I didn’t have traditional pets; I had a deer called Squeaky, a name she earned; a raccoon, skunk, rabbit, and Pretty Boy, my peacock…who also earned his name. We were an island of misfit toys, in a forgotten place, called Indian land. As the saying goes, you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl. It is an old wives tale, steeped in the truth.

After my first official week of living in Bubba the Bus; I learned some things; most importantly; this is not the right move for many; but, it is the right move for me. It has been amazing and it will only get better.  I LOVE it; which is not to say that there haven’t been inconveniences, small challenges, and learning opportunities; but, the country has prepared me for all of them and more.

One challenge has been the cold–(which I mentioned before); last night was 44 degrees. The weighted blanket that my wonderful friend, Keith Curtis bought me; has been the saving grace. But, once I am out of bed, Bubba is BRISK.  I purchased a Little Buddy, by Mr. Heater. He is an indoor propane heater and operates using one propane canister–(not tank)–and is advertised as ‘heating up 95′ square feet’. Bubba is 80′ feet, so it should do the trick. It will arrive on Tuesday and I expect an evening of unmitigated warmth.

The next key learning? Have you heard the phrase mise en place? It’s a French culinary term, meaning a place for everything and everything in its place. It refers to setting up a kitchen. I prided myself on the execution of this concept; my Virgo sensibilities acutely tuned; however, living in a bus has forced me to ‘mise en place‘ 2.0. When you have only one of an item; an adapter or a cord; a computer mouse or yoga pants–when you misplace it, you find yourself rambling around your tiny space–(usually on your knees)–and talking to yourself: “Where in the world can it be? It’s only 80′ feet? Seriously, what the hell? I have got to be more aware. If I have to order one of these on Amazon, I’m going to be so pissed. That would just be throwing money away. Seriously, where could it be?”

Let’s just say, I am nearing Monica-level.

I am learning to ‘smart size’, which is different than downsizing. Downsizing is realizing that you need only one towel, not eight; or 2 wine-glasses, not six. Smartsizing takes it to the next—more awesome level; to me, it’s about investing in those things that are practical, reusable and going to last for a good, long time. For example; anyone who knows me, knows I like to drink; so, when I walked into the (going out of business) Pier 1 Store on Geary Blvd., these stainless steel martini glasses, called my name from their shelf. Yes, they came back to Bubba–and we are all very happy together. By the way; I might only need one, but, I bought two–(just in case Jack White drops by for a martini! Hey, it could happen.)

I also resurrected my copper cups from Starbucks. I had purchased them long ago to use for Moscow Mules–which they are perfect for–but, oddly, coffee works in them too.

I am starting collaborations with eco-friendly kitchenware companies and I’m really excited to try out some new products; ie: bamboo utensils, Bees Wrap and silicone items.

And so, the journey continues…

Until next time…..

Go forth

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