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My Skoolie Conversion: Removing Carpet

While attempting to remove the carpet in Bubba the Bus last week, all I accomplished was bruising my body and breaking my back; so, I did what any resourceful woman would do in a situation like this: I went to YouTube. After scouring tons of videos, I came up with a plan; and although it is yet to be tested, I am confident in its success.

The Plan included a trip to Home Depot; which makes my heart happy. I LOVE going to mega hardware stores and walking the aisles; bolts and power tools, lumber and fixtures surrounding my every molecule and igniting my imagination. Some people find the lack of service at Home Depot disheartening. I do NOT. I pick up unfamiliar tools and hardware and read the directions about what it can and can’t do, and then, I wonder, what else could it do? I understand it’s a ladder, but, could it also be suspended from the ceiling as an overhead rack for pots and pans? I think yes. Those diamond plated tin sheets? I see wall plate covers. That Mikita drill? I wonder if you could attach a toilet brush to it and clean away? But before my moment in Nirvana could occur, I had to get there, which turned out to an adventure.

The bus stop at Park Presidio is by my house; I loaded up my Kindle–(currently reading The Moth Presents All These Wonders: True Stories About Facing the Unknown), the storytelling phenomena that spawned the podcast; and dig in for my hour-long ride. I get on the bus and am immediately lost in stories of human frailty and perseverance. (This is a great book.) I am soon jarred out of my reading when the driver announces Winston Avenue, and I am confused because it came too quick; then SF State and by the time I realize I am on the express bus, I am at the Balboa Park BART station. If you have read any of my previous blogs, you know I hate BART–and I am not alone. I get off the bus to board the over-priced, dirty, rickety and extremely loud BART. Seriously, these trains have not been cleaned or updated since the ’80s.

BART delivers me to a bus system, that I, in 8 years of living in San Francisco and using public transit exclusively, have never used: Sam Trans–San Mateo Transit. It was a loooongggg trip, as I waited nearly an hour, both coming and going on Sam Trans. If it moved any slower, it would be moving in reverse. Eventually, I make it to Home Depot and the fun begins.

After a fantastic morning at the megastore; I made my purchases. I bought some sort of bio-degradable, green and eco-friendly carpet remover liquid; gloves, knee pads, mask, pry bar, and other treasures. I figure if they don’t work, I’ll at least have a new bird feeder, planter and umbrella stand.

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