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My Skoolie Conversion: Removing Metal Seat Brackets

This week has delivered a Bubba conversion task, that has been neither glamorous or easy, and provided no instant gratification.

The challenge began a few weeks ago; when the time came to remove metal plates from the floor. When you decide to live in an 80′ square foot space, every inch takes on a new value; and you need to capture as many of them, as you can.

I had been contemplating how to remove these metal plates from Bubba’s floor for weeks, in the best way I know-how; by grabbing a beer, sitting in the seat and thinking the problem through. Eventually, the beer would become Vodka in a glass, which would become empty and then Vodka would start talking to me: “I bet you could muscle those plates out,” Vodka would say, “Grab that pry bar and give it a go.” I would glare at the plates, grab my pry bar and start yanking. It never worked. Vodka never pointed out that they are bolted through the bus; from top to bottom and held in place with an assortment of bolts; which are grooved, flat, ratcheted and more. The one thing they all had in common, was the fact that they were rusted in place. Key learning that night? Don’t listen to Vodka–she lies.

I decided to soak them in WD40, and willing an answer to present itself. I tried a Skilsaw, but when sparks flew and the tool itself pulled me around like a rag doll, I realized it was too much power tool for me; lose control of it and I will lose a limb. I tried a power saw; which was much harder and louder than I had anticipated.

Eventually, I settled on a labor-intensive–but free–solution; going under the bus, attaching vise grips to the nut, coming back to the top of the bus and using the old school ratchet wrench to unscrew them. Up, down, under; up, down, under. After removing 116 of the bolts in this manner; every muscle in my body ached, my fingers were blistered and calloused and I had bruises in the most random spots.

I have been told that everything is hard until you know how to do it—well, although I did it…I hope I never have to do anything like it again!

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