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My Skoolie Conversion: The Spoon Collection

Downsizing, smartsizing or whatever you want to call it; is not for the faint of heart. Fortunately, for me, it wasn’t as hard as it is for many. I am already a minimalist. I own no furniture, very few clothes and even fewer kitchen utensils.  Like many San Franciscans, I rent an oversized closet that poses as a room. I have kitchen privileges, which I rarely exercise—but, I do make up for that lack, by spending luxurious hours in the bathtub, bottle of wine in hand, simmering away. Not going to lie; I will miss that bathtub.

Still, moving from my one modestly appointed room into 80′ feet poses some challenges. There are things that I won’t part with, so,  I procured a small 5 x 5 storage unit in Sacramento, in which to house those things; pictures/scrapbooks/greeting cards that are now considered ‘vintage‘ and, yes, I know they can all be digitized, but, there’s something weirdly wonderful when they slowly lose their color and begin to smell of the olden days; or my vinyl collection, and, yes, I know it can all be downloaded and streamed, but, I will never part with the first single I spun on commercial radio; a Frisbee like 12” disc, donning a naked Prince—(except the scarf lightly draped across two very important inches). The single is Controversy, and it is a glorious 15 minutes.  Trust me, you can’t stream that and when I figure out how to bring my vinyl on Bubba the Bus, I will do it.

Another important memento is my spoon collection—and I do mean ‘collection‘, as it is 500 strong and growing.  My first spoon came from my Grandmother, who has long since left this earth plane. She gave it to me when I was 14, preparing to leave my family, home and Indian land for Australia. It’s an odd spoon, both in shape and message; not ‘spoon-shaped’, but ‘shovel-shaped‘. Block letter simply stating ‘God Is Love‘. The scene could have been Jesus himself in the Garden of Gesthamene, except the figure is of a big-eyed child–(male/female, I still don’t know). The child is in P.J.s, head looking to the heavens–as Jesus did, when He pleaded with God about the whole ‘forsaking‘ stuff. My Grandmother, who was from Texas, a state very firmly planted in the Bible Belt, told me, that during the upcoming year, I might feel ‘forsaken‘, but I never would be, not by Jesus, not by God and not by her, because when I looked up into the Australian sky, she would be looking at the exact same sky, wishing upon the exact same stars. I loved that spoon immediately.

I went to Australia and purchased many more spoons; koalas, kangaroos, Flinders Ranges, Coober Pedy, Aboriginals and pictures of their now-defunct currency. I have added more and more of these little spoons over the years and across the globe.

They used to be readily available in convenience stores, airports and truck stops; but now they have been replaced with other trinkets and are harder to find.  I spent many a summer with my truck driver Bonus Dad, crisscrossing the West, delivering potatoes or tomatoes; and at every wide spot in the road, I would excitedly plead with him to pull his 18 Wheeler over and get a spoon. He always obliged and my collection grew.

Friends have brought me spoons from their travels; each spoon has a face, a person and a memory attached to it. They are all special, and they all lead back to my Grandmother and that Big-Eyed Child in the Garden.

All this to say, that my spoon collection was something I couldn’t bear to put into storage. I would sit in Bubba and visualize how I could incorporate the spoons. I thought of attaching them to the ceiling or making a ‘shadow box/display table’.  I thought of Crazy Glue, Super Glue, and glue guns. And then, like a flash of lightning, it came to me.Spoon Collection Diary of A GenX'er


I’m an ’80’s kid; I grew up in the ’80s, I wasn’t born in them and BeDazzling was big in the ’80s.  For those who don’t know, bedazzling allowed you to add ‘sparkle and excitement to any outfit quickly and easily.’  It was a tool that allowed you to glue rhinestones to anything and everything; which I did. I spent hours Bedazzling any garment within the radius of my power cord; from coats to pants to hats to vests–and, yes, I wore vests; the kind with dangling fringe and soon to be bedazzled to the hilt.

Using Quake Hold, I attached the collection around the bus walls…and it works wonderfully. I love being surrounded by all the memories that those little silver spoons hold.

Quake Putty, Diary of A GenX'er

I take the tiny living motto; Live Large/Build Small, quite literally; after all, Bubba the Bus is my home–which is not a place, but a feeling.


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  • judye

    Would LLOOOOVVVVEEEE to see those vests or any other bedazzled item – I suppose you only have pictures now. If so, please post!

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