My Headdress Is On Fire (Paperback Edition)


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A wickedly funny, inspiring, and unflinching memoir of a woman coming of age on the edge of “The Real World” and “Indian Land”, and the lessons she learned from both, during the early seventies and beyond. My Headdress Is On Fire… is a collection of the life lessons and musings from a music-loving, adventure-seeking white girl on Indian land. From Oregon to the Australian Outback (and many places between), Heather’s deliciously skewed essays tackle everything from faking an “authentic” Native American vision quest for tourists to navigating the Empty Nest. How does a fifteen (and a half) year old girl end up all on her own in the middle of the Australian Outback? (Tolstoy is involved.) How does a person acquire absinthe in Portland in the 80’s? (Not easily.) What can you learn from a (retired) rooster? (Quite a lot, it turns out.) What does an Australian Aboriginal Sweet Sixteen Party look like? And what does Bozo the Clown have to do with anything? Heather Jacks answers these questions and many more. These are the stories of hippies, headdresses, Vegemite, music, and – perhaps most importantly – the lessons all of those can teach a girl from the middle of nowhere. My Headdress Is On Fire… stories from a White Girl growing up on & off Indian Land… is a bold, hilarious, and often poignant journey through the unconventional life of a woman always searching for a new adventure.


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