Route 66 with Bubba the Bus Day 2: Resting in Memphis

When I woke up this morning, after a wonderful night in Memphis with friends, I was exhausted with a capital E; so, I asked if I could stay one more night in the air-conditioned comfort of my friends fabulous home. Not only did he say yes, but he offered for me to stay at his place, work at the Starbucks down the road and rebuild my funds.¬† It’s at times like these that I take a brief moment to thank the Universe for my amazing life, fantastic job and great friends. I was offered the same situation in Nashville–I really do love the South; but, ultimately I want to get back to my own coast and work at my own store in Laurel, the trip goes on.

I decided to take the day and regroup my mind, spirit, and soul. As a person who has driven approximately twice a year, for the past two decades–deciding to buy a bus and traverse over 3000 miles across this great country is taxing, in ways that I didn’t expect. I am mentally tired from the planning and driving, physically drained from the heat, and a little worried about the money it is going to take to get back home. I took the day to sign up for Roadside Assistance, look more closely at my trek and explore Bubba the Bus.

Taking a Shop Vac and cleaning supplies, I began to shine Bubba up…and fell in love with him again. For me, this bus was love at first sight; all I could see was how cute he was going to become and how freedom was knocking. I imagined chugging up and down the West Coast; Bolinas, Mendocino, Point Reyes all the way up to Oregon. Or down to Santa Barbara for wine and surf; because imagination is the beginning of creating and I knew my Tiny Home Adventure was beginning.

Some joyous discoveries were–POWER!! He has outlets and is wired. OMG! This made me beyond happy. I also discovered that he has an RV outlet in the back–which is another coup. Now, to find the inverter….(Is it here Connie?)

And, when I hit a button on the radio–which is awesome, btw, it popped open to reveal a concealed CD player. It was like Christmas all over!

While vacuuming him, I realized that I was going to be able to easily remove the seats, as they are bolted in; ratchet set anyone?

The carpet will also come out easily, as it is glued in. When my friend, Dave returned from work, we decided to test that theory, and easily removed one row of seats. It took about 10 minutes! However, 10 minutes in Memphis heat and humidity and we needed showers.

Thank you for being here….Cheers!

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