Life Lesson from Driving Bubba the Bus; My Skoolie Conversion In Progress: Bus Life As A Solo Female Traveler

Driving a bus is a different kettle of fish, then driving any other sort of vehicle. It feels different. People react to you differently. The experience is different. It is simply different. I have been driving Bubba the Bus for the past three months in the City. Here are the top 5 things that Bubba has taught me.

Visiting the Tiny Living Festival in Richmond, California

The dream of tiny living is taking over the country. Be it financial or environmental concerns; yearning for freedom or being bit by the travel bug, tiny homes of all sorts are becoming en vogue. For reasons of my own, I decided to take up the adventure and convert a short school bus; a lifestyle that has spawned its own lingo, culture, and community; that of the #skoolie: #skoolielife #skooliebuild #skoolieconversion and #skoolieadventure.