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Travels With Bubba the Bus: Montara, California

A few weeks ago, I had been in Sacramento, California with friends, eating tamales, drinking tequila and struggling through my non-fiction book proposal. The next morning, I went to Starbucks Coffee on 56th & H. I stared at my blank computer screen, steam rising from my White girl Latte, when, I overheard a man at the next table shout into his cell phone with alarming volume “YOU NEED TO FOCUS!”  He said a lot more things, but, I didn’t hear them. It were those three words that moved me to what new-age gurus call; inspired action. Within 60 seconds flat, I had clicked on Groupon, found their Flash Sale section and booked my week-long break. I packed up my laptop with all its accessories, walked up to Cell-Phone Man, looked him straight in the eyes and thanked him; and then went joyfully about my day, knowing that I had given myself the ‘gift of focus‘.

“Everybody needs beauty…places to play in and pray in where nature may heal and cheer and give strength to the body and soul alike,” said naturalist, John Muir. For me, that place is the ocean.  It’s a place where negativities can be taken to sea and recycled into something new; where energy can be released for the higher good and I can connect to and remember who I am on this planet.

So I packed up Bubba, put Carol King in the CD player–(yes, I still have a CD player)–and cruised down Highway 1 to Montara, California, where I rented a space exactly 20 steps from the ocean. (Yes, I counted them.)

Montara is a postage-stamp-sized coastal community, situated between San Francisco and Half Moon Bay; but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in scenery. Tidepools, cliffs, dunes, spectacular sands, and monster white waves; it was the perfect backdrop for my ‘gift of focus‘.

It is the ‘off-season’; a season which I prefer, because there are so few people around. So, it was an unexpected surprise when two surfer boys—(they were 30, so, perhaps men?), arrived at the lodge. I have a true weakness for boys in general, surfer boys in particular. That being said, we sat on the couch in front of the fire, where  I become increasingly warm and cozy, like fire, and boys, have a tendency to make me. It was a full moon, and they had come to ‘charge their crystals‘ in the ocean; words that might cause some to cringe. I, however, was delighted; these boys were speaking my language and, I had the Blue lapis, from Alabama, dangling around my neck. Eventually, we wandered to the water, waves crashing all around and engaged in some seriously hippie-dippie shit; the kind that makes good stories later and better memories forever.

This week, I spent hours at the ocean, breathing in and breathing out; clearing my mind and expressing my gratitude to the Universe for the wonderful life I am having. And yes, I accomplished a shit ton of stuff, between all the breathing and distracting boys; in fact, everything I had hoped to and more.

My Plan:

Get a solid start on my Non-Fiction Book Proposal.

Work on my advanced teacher certification.

My Results:

Finished a complete draft of my Non-Fiction Book Proposal. Check!

Finished the entire teacher certification. Check!

Take the final exam for the teacher certification. Check!

Passed and received my certificate. Check!

Began an unexpected collaboration with Pandora Radio. Check!

Thank you, Universe for the ‘gift of focus‘ and for the permission to take it.

May you all find time to focus on the good stuff in your life.

Until next time…

Go forth

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